We submit Panel boards, furniture boards, laminated boards, melamine boards, pvc membrane boards, natural wooden coated and massive board doors which we produce by qualified material which can be used for lifetime together with broad product range which can be diversified by hundreds of patterns and colors. Our company which combines naturality of wood and high quality over new generation door surfaces has the rightful pride of producing most qualified products and delivering to customers in shortest time period. First impression is important for home as it is in personal relations and high qualified door feeds visual richness of your home and adds value to your home. It has completed 42 years in wooden door and furniture sector to be proud and full of success. It continues to grow and develop without stopping   by its machine part which is renewed every day, trained professional employee and experienced technical staff. It continues to add beauty to our life area by processing most natural status of wood by means of state of art technology. It selects raw materials carefully for preventing giving harm for employees while producing and us while using them and it uses most qualified one. It continues to add value to our living area by tosya ahşap brand in our country and many countries of the world.

. Our company which presents different solutions for different spaces has the circumstances to respond all requests for productions which are suitable for many spaces which are modern, classic, local and sectorally different. We respond all expectations in time-price-quality triangle by our experienced staff which  technically feeds itself and enriches its experience. Our production for natural massive wooden doors which never loses its importance and value continues in addition to our door types which are produced by modern systems. We evaluate our experience in wooden sector in wooden window field in addition to wooden doors. Windows system which are made of  Natural wooden windows which do not have chemicals which are harmful for health in window are  best preference for you and for your loved ones. Other area which our company has activity is restoration services.  Many historical structure of which structure integrity has weakened because of climatic conditions, wearing which is caused from usage and external factors and which has risk that fine workmanship of ver building to disappear are revived again by our restoration services.


48 years of experience


TOSYA AHŞAP blends synergy which has occurred with 42 years experience by its innovative and modern line and adopted qualified product and service understanding. Branding does not absolutely mean to make name. To be reason for preference is also to be brand. Ability of an operator to present more for its customer with respect to its competitor by means of market research means to be reason for preference.

We present Panel coated doors, furniture doors, laminated doors, solid wooden doors which we manufacture from qualified material which can be used for entire lifetime which can be diversified  by  product range including hundreds of different color and pattern